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Controlled Natural Languages Wiki is dedicated to the sharing of information about engineered languages that use a carefully selected subset of the vocabulary, morphology, grammatical constructions, semantic constructions, and pragmatics of a natural language such as English or Hindi, but are designed to facilitate some aspect of human-human or human-computer communication. These languages are referred to as Controlled Natural Languages (CNLs).

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Da-Da-Da: Is it a Language?Edit

We've probably all seen the famous "talking twin" video that went viral overnight. If not, look up "talking twins" on Google, and you'll be confronted with an abundance of websites regarding this sensational video. Basically, it shows 18-month old twins saying "da dadadadadada DADADADADADADADADADA!" to each other while making body gestures and seeming to understand each other perfectly! Not only is it adorable, it's also scientifically fascinating, and linguists from around the world have been trying to decipher it, and closely study it to determine whether or not it's gibberish or if this video captures an actual baby language. (myself, I think that the scientists are just bucking for an excuse to watch more Da-da-da ) However, I think I might have cracked the dadada code, and why nobody else could figure it out! All the other translators were focusing on the "da-da-da" itself, the talking part. But I believe that's only half the story, if it means anything at all - the Rosetta Stone of dadada is the body language! For example, I think the whole conversation can be defined by body language - first, one of them raises his foot as if the other was talking about it prompting me to believe the first bit of the conversation was one twin teasing the other about how that foot had a different sock than the other. Then, they seem to change the subject and start gesturing about the size of some object. Finally, it seems that they were turned towards the fridge and seem to be trying to figure out how to open it. Also, some basic words can be found in this body language. For example, a dismissive wave of the hand + shaking the head = "no". It seems that there is also a sign for "do you agree?", but I forgot what it was. It definitely seems that dadada is all about the body language!

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